YouTube Channel Audit with Colton Havens

YouTube Channel Audit with Colton Havens

What is Video Mastery Consulting?

If you are ready to take action on steps I can give you to get more views and grow your channel, claim your spot today!

If you want actionable steps to get more views on your youtube channel, ideas for monetizing, and getting more traffic to your offers and business or hobby side hustle than this program is a great fit for you!

What will you get?

Note: this is a one on one program, so there are NO video lessons. I will be looking at your channel and giving you my help, specifically for you.

-Monthly Growth and 1 on 1 YouTube Consulting Plan-

  1. Personal Help from me (Colton Havens), as long as you need me!
  2. Full YouTube Channel Audit (no, I don't need to log in to your account)
  3. Actionable steps to help you get more views on your YouTube Channel, plain and simple.
  4. I will also share ideas with you that will benefit your growth, free to take or leave

-One Time Fee Plan-

If you just need some quick advice on growing your channel
make sure to check out my "Quick Audit" in the pricing
packages below!

WARNING: If you're lazy and have no interest in doing work than this program is not for you. I will give you direction on how to grow your channel, get views and subs, but in order for it to work, you must take action.

I'm ready to help with any questions you have so keep in contact!