Client File Upload

Upload files

Please Upload Course Files Here.

Step 1 – Upload a text file (.txt , .doc or .pdf) with titles for each lesson in order by number, include the course name at the top with your name and contact info – phone, email, address if needed, and any other notes you want to include for us..

Step 2 – Upload Course Videos – Videos must be under 100MB – Please Use 720p Minimum or Higher Resolution. Name course video files in order by numbered lessons. Example: “lesson-1.mp4” or “” or “lesson-1.m4v” – Any video format is fine as long as it’s a common one.

If you have files that are too big to upload via the uploader please use the google drive link below to upload to our secure client folder. Files here can be up to 5gb per file.

Once files are uploaded please finalize your payment below, so we can get started right away!